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Work in <span>Abay</span>

Work in Abay

Abay Pharma, with nearly 100 employees, has the awareness of creating a difference in a competitive environment and qualified service to community health.
Work in <span>Abay</span>

Human is both our focus and our source. We act on the right job with the right human principle and we keep up with the changing world with a responsible staff.

Our goal is to establish wider cadres that follow the changes in the sector continuously and fulfill it not as a duty but with a sense of belonging. Abay Pharma always;

- Where thoughts are shared aloud
- Where new and creative ideas are appreciated
- In-house egalitarian and transparent communication
- Good visions, talent turns into good careers .
- It is a company with a trust committed to solidarity and sharing.

Besides these, we have a very young staff with nearly 100 employees from various nationalities. With human resources policies that are free from sexist approaches, we try to keep the female/male ratio in our company equal.

Remuneration Policy & Ancillary Rights

<span>Remuneration Policy </span> & Ancillary Rights

Pay bands at Abay Pharma and other Abay Group companies are carried out with fair and consistent systems set for each division, taking into account in-house balances and market conditions. Our employees who perform superior performance are rewarded with their contributions in direct proportion. The wages of the new employees are determined by evaluating the experience, training and abilities they have, especially the responsibilities they need to do.

In addition to the gross salary payments in our company, monthly/year-end premiums are also paid according to the department. There is also transportation/fare, lunch/meal card facilities.

<span>Remuneration Policy </span> & Ancillary Rights
Business Opportunities in  <span>Abay</span>

Business Opportunities in Abay

Business Opportunities in  <span>Abay</span>

For open positions at Abay pharma, look at postings on our site or “kariyer.net”.You can apply by sending your resume from “www.kariyer.net”. If you do not have a suitable ad or open position, you can still share your resume with us from the “general application” plugin below.

Note: Abay Pharma's official site and kariyer.net job ads published outside of our company have nothing to do with, Please do not take credit for the security of your personal information

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