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Abay Pharma Is With You! 11 May 2020

Abay Pharma Is With You!

We are on the side of health workers who continue to fight for Public Health in an epidemic that has shaken the world without thinking for a moment about themselves. As Abay Pharma, we have provided mask, disinfectant and clinical cream support to nearly a thousand physicians, nurses and pharmacists in all parts of Turkey. We would like to say to our altruistic health army, which thanks us o Read More
14 Nis 2020
Keep Social Distance	23 Mar 2020

Keep Social Distance

We're catching up against a common enemy We can take some simple measures to protect against the Covid-19 epidemic that has affected the entire world. One of them is to maintain social distance. The Virus Is No More Powerful Than The Measures. Public health experts think maintaining social distance is a key measure to contain viral pandemics. Because the virus can be transmitted from part Read More
21 Mar 2020
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