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<span>International </span>Trade

International Trade

Tailor-Made Solutions For The Wholesale of Pharmaceutical Products
<span>International </span>Trade

Abay Pharma provides Turkish and foreign origin medicines, food supplements and other pharmaceutical products needed by individuals and business enterprises’ quickly and safely.

Shipping process of orders prepared with precision upon request are initiated in the fastest possible time.

As an expert global pharmaceutical wholesaler;one of Abay Pharma's primary goals is to serve hospitals, distributors, local wholesalers and pharmacies and is to establish connections due to the Supply-demand equilibrium all over the world.

Comprehensive Drug Supply

Abay Pharma became specialized in finding niche products for oncological, immunological and rare diseases and supplying drugs in shortage.
<span>Comprehensive</span> Drug Supply

You can contact our company for wholesale supplies of these products in small and large scales. Abay Pharma carries out all its business and operations within the framework of the commercial gains and ethical values that it has given over the years.

<span>Comprehensive</span> Drug Supply
<span>Wide </span> Network Chain

Wide Network Chain

Abay Pharma is a company established in Turkey, continuing its domestic and international activities from its administrative centers located in Ankara and Istanbul.
<span>Wide </span> Network Chain

Abay Pharma has a highly diversified network of suppliers to supply in-demand products. It also cooperates with all the leading international courier services and many logistic companies around the world to reach all major international destinations in a short time. Emergency medicines are considered as a priority. Delivery methods suitable for cold chain orders are preferred for the necessary products.

Non-Stop Service

Abay Pharma reveals its difference with the continuous service it provides.
<span>Non-Stop</span> Service

Abay Pharma;

Leading leadership in Market,
Competence in based distribution,
cold chain logistics,
Product delivery and after sales service to all locations in the World,
Niche market products in pharmaceutical field, and clinical studies

You can get price information from our export sales team.

<span>Non-Stop</span> Service



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